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Change is inevitable.

In fact, the only thing that doesn’t change, is that change will always be with us.
The question is how do we deal with this change? We need to deal with it by
laughing, because
Laughter Changes Everything.

Laughter Changes Everything is based on the award winning book
Teaching Is Too Important to Take Seriously!
Written by acclaimed presenter and life long educator, Scott Endres, his book has
been named
2006 Book of the Year by the Association of Applied and Therapeutic
Humor (

Using the
Five Fingers of Laughter, which was the basis of his book, Scott uses humor,
personal stories, research and interactive activities to give participants the tools to
bring laughter into their lives and work. In addition, these ideas are used as ways to
help all of us deal with the change we have in our lives.

Below is a brief summary of the Five Fingers of Laughter. You should start with the
thumb and move around the hand to the pinkie.

Finger 1 – Laughter (and Change) is Good
We will discuss recent laughter research that shows laughter is not only good for the
workplace, but most importantly is good for our health. These studies have shown
that laughter has a physiological on our bodies and help all kinds of maladies,
including stress from change.

Finger 2 – Practice PHWH
After understanding that Laughter Is Good, the first thing we need to do is get our
laughter back into balance. We do this by learning to Practice PHWH or Play Hard,
Work Hard. By starting on a Laughter Exercise Plan, including the Emergency
Laughter List, we will learn how to take the steps to get ourselves into laughter shape.

Finger 3 – Smile, Damn It! Smile!
The middle finger of the Five Fingers tends to be the favorite. Smile, Damn It! Smile!
is based on an actual historical quote, and helps to stop the downward spiral of
negative actions and attitudes. We have all seen the effect negativity can have on
the work place, but it is just as easy to turn it the other way by using the Law of
Conservation of Smiling.

Finger 4 – Allow Yourself to Laugh
The hardest finger to control is the ring finger. That is why it is the finger which
represents Allow Yourself to Laugh, because this is the hardest step. In the adult
world, laughter is not always accepted as appropriate behavior. With this finger we
will look at what we need to do to give ourselves the permission to laugh in the adult

Finger 5 – Laugh at the World Around You
Very few of us are professional comedians, but we don’t need to be to bring laughter
into our lives. The world around us provides infinite opportunities to laugh, if we only
open our eyes and see what is there. We will look at several ways that you can find
humor that fits your style.

The conclusion of
Laughter Changes Everything looks at the one commonality
between all of us. It is that we all have a story. We all have a story that if we told it,
would bring each of us to tears. Some people believe that because of these stories
they can’t laugh.

But actually, it is because of these stories that we MUST laugh,
Laughter Changes Everything!
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