Survivor Series
"Some days the only thing I can
do is just try to survive."
Does that sound familiar? All of us have felt that way at one time or another.
Going beyond survival is what the
Education Survivor Series is about.

This unique series of seminars and workshops are designed to help you,
your classroom and your school do more than just survive.
It is designed to let
everyone excel.

Each workshop is developed as an independent resource of techniques that have
been tested in the classroom by
actual, living breathing teachers.
(Okay, some were questionable on the breathing part.)

Check out these brief summaries of our line up of workshops.

Does your school
have a need
we haven't addressed?
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your school move beyond survival and into excelling.
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PW Home
Teaching Is Too Important to Take Seriously
The workshop that started it all. Learn about the Five Fingers of Laughter and how they can help
you and your school get back to the reasons you got into teaching.

Cat Herding
(or How to Reach Students in the 21st Century)
Learn how to make over your class with creative games, projects, and activities which engage
students while increasing there content comprehension. Who said learning can't be fun?

Nerdo the Mathnificant:
Good Math Magic, Bad Math Humor
Who said math had to be boring? Learn how to tap into your students natural need to find out
why something works, by using simple math magic tricks and teach them math at the same
time. Watch for the book version of Nerdo, coming this fall

The Questionables:
Developing Problem Solving Super Heroes
Teaching students to be problem solvers cannot be achieved in isolation. Learn how to create a
culture of problem solving in your school, which will have your students asking Y?

Don't Be Afraid...
Learn how to break out of your normal teaching routine and create exciting lessons that will
excite and motivate your students. The trick is simple, just don't be afraid to...
(The secret is only given at the workshop.)

PTP: Positive Teaching Power
Learn how to use your Positive Teaching Powers to create a classroom where your students
can learn and you can teach. We are
positive you will enjoy the change.

ESP Math
Creativity in math education is great, but the structure and repetition is what some student (and
teachers) need. Through ESP Math learn to design an effective lesson where students are
allowed to Explore, Structure and Practice.

The ESP Principles
Are you looking for a focus for your school improvement?
Learn how the ESP Principles of stressing and balancing Environment,
Student achievement and Professional culture can help you.
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