The Five Fingers
of Laughter
The keys to bringing laughter in your life are right in your hand with the
The Five Fingers of Laughter.
They were developed as a way to help all of us make sure we remember
to have laughter in our lives. If you aren't laughing enough in your life now
The Five Fingers will help you develop this new habit of laughter.

Like with any new habit, it takes time to develop these new patterns.
Creating laughter in your life is like exercising. You can't start
exercising one day and expect to have long term results without a plan to
get you through the rough spots. Bringing laughter into your life is no

The Five Fingers of Laughter provide you with that step by step plan
you need. Take a look at each of the fingers below to get a taste of    
The Five Fingers. (I think that means they are finger lickin' good)
Laughter is Good
A thumb in the air means "good" and it is no different laughter. Research has shown
that laughter is good for education and for in our life. In education, it has been
shown to help raise student achievement through many different ways. Also
laughter has been shown to help your classroom management. However the most
important area that it helps us is with our own bodies. Laughter can help us live a
longer, more enjoyable life because if for no other reason it allows us to relieve
the stress of our careers. It works much better than hitting a wall. To find out
more about how Laughter is Good, read the book or schedule a presentation.
Practice PHWH
Practice PHWH means Play Hard, Work Hard. Practicing PHWH is the index finger
because it is the number one thing we need to do to begin bringing laughter into our
lives. Four year olds laugh an average of 400 times a day. Adults laugh only 4 times
a day. What happened? Granted 4 year old olds don't have to pay taxes or buy car
insurance, but something is out of whack and we need to get it back in balance. We
need to be playing as hard as we are working. In Finger 2, you will look at different
ways to achieve this balance along with developing a Laughter Exercise Plan which
you can use to plan and follow your progress as Practice PHWH.
Smile, Damn It! Smile!
There are people where you work that are determined to take any positive
situation and make it a negative. "You know that 100% pay increase we just got
isn't that good because now we will have to pay more taxes." And on some days you
would love nothing more than to give those people the finger. However, that is not
very nice. For those people. we have the 3rd finger, Smile, Damn It! Smile!, which is
an actual historical quote. Learn how the power of something as simple as a smile
can start a chain reaction and change your surroundings. It is called The Law of
Conservation of Smiling. Smiling is not destroyed, only transformed into positive
energy. Join us and several school staffs who celebrate Middle Finger Wednesday,
and Smile, Damn It! Smile!
Allow Yourself to Laugh
When you get right down to it, teachers are pretty funny people. Who else would
stop a student that they didn't know and tell them to spit out their gum, while at
the mall. However, the same way your ring finger is the hardest one to control,
allowing ourselves to laugh and it is especially hard to laugh at ourselves.
Something we all need to do for our students. Laughing at mistakes and letting
students see them is one of the most important lessons we can teach our students.
By allowing ourselves to laugh in front of our students they get to see that we are
real people from whom they can learn some great lessons about life.
Laugh at the World Around You
The pinkie finger is the funniest looking of our fingers. Just think of Dr. Evil
from the Austin Powers movies. It is also there to remind us to laugh at the world
around you. To bring laughter into your classroom and life, you don't need to be a
comedian or able to tell a joke. You just need to be aware of the world around you
because there are a lot of hilarious things going on, especially in education. If you
have taught for than one day, you can think of a funny story, so share it. If it is
appropriate, share it with your students. If it is inappropriate, well that is why
we have teacher's lounges. Beyond our own experiences look around your classroom
for ways to bring in laughter. A few ideas could be a humor billboard or a prop or a
joke of the week in your content area. For more ideas, read the book.
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