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Imagineducation is an educational curriculum that was developed to meet the dual
educational demands of teaching skills and providing the students with the ability to use
these skills to compete creatively in the world market. Below is a brief description of the
components, while detailed explanations are in the next section.

Story/Movie Component –
A story or movie based theme that helps motivate students to learn new
skills and to push them to expand their creativity. The story/movie component also provides an
emotional connection to the topics which allow students to work in the affective domain, while
enhancing cognitive development.

Problem Solving Component -
Students are given the opportunity to apply their new skills to solve
new problems. This is accomplished through the use of Problem of the Day, Whadda Ya Think?, and
the Project Based Learning component.

Project Based Learning –
Students use all the new skills they have learned to create new ideas and
applications. The goal is to have students use their new skills and imagination, to create something
new. Students use approximately half their time on the unit working on the project.

Multiple Measurement Assessment –
Few things are assessed by the traditional testing methods
we use in our schools. However, because of national expectations and future academic opportunities
for our students we cannot ignore traditional assessment for new methods. Therefore we must
provide students with multiple type of assessment in order to better prepare them for the world and to
provide us with an accurate understand of their abilities and knowledge.

Skills Based Learning –
Students learn the basics of new skills in a more traditional setting. The
ESP (Explore, Structure, Practice) is preferred and the skills are used in the other components. In
addition to traditional methods, game based learning and other engaging techniques are used,
including the use of a monetary system. Students spend about half the unit working on the skills
based learning.

Classroom Management Component –
Though individual classrooms will vary, Imagineducation
works on the Respect TIPS system of stressing that everyone respects other things, ideas, people
and self.

Standard Based –
All components of Imagineducation are developed using the appropriate
standards for the discipline. The
Imagineducation structure can be used for all classrooms.

Research Based –
A definition of imagination is using knowledge to create something new.
Imagineducation fits this definition because it is based on research based best practice techniques,
and is put together in a structure that allows us to have our students learn to use their imagination.