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Laughter Helps Heal...Join the Healing!

Have you ever wondered how you can help a friend or relative who is dealing with an illness?
Most of us don't have medical degrees, and  we can often feel helpless in the healing process.

Laughter 4 Life allows you to help through laughter.
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The concept behind Laughter 4 Life is very simple.
Laughter has been shown to help heal, and Laughter 4 Life
is a way we can use this healing power of laughter to help.
By setting up
L4L Laughter Lounges and L4L Laughter Carts
in your local hospital, you will provide the resources for
patients and visitors to laugh their way to wellness.    
Check out the sections below to read brief descriptions of
each of these L4L projects.
Laughter Lounges
Laughter Lounges allow patients, and visitors, to get away from the regular
hospital setting and lose themselves in laughter. The lounge is a simple
unused room in a hospital that, with a few decorations, is changed into a
laughter lounge. Below are some of the items you might want to consider for
your lounge, but don't limit yourself. Anything that makes someone laugh is
good for the lounge.
Laughter Lounge Supplies
+lounge chairs, foot stools
+humorous posters and decorations
+TV/DVD/VCR/tape players (regular and portable), headphones, MP3/IPOD players
+comic books, newspaper comics, humorous books
+old radio comedy routines, for example, Burns and Allen, Red Skelton
+old comedy videos/dvds, for example, Abbott & Costello, Marx Brothers
+recent comedy movies videos/dvds (but beware of content)
+recent comedy shows videos/dvds (once again, beware of content)
Laughter Carts
Laughter Carts are the same basic concept as the lounges, but are mobile.
This cart full of laughter tools allows you to take the laughter directly to
the patients in their rooms. Because they are mobile and because we need
to respect the privacy of other patients, the supplies of the Laughter Cart
need to be smaller and personal. For these reasons, your supplies should
concentrate on personal DVD and music players (CD/MP3/IPOD), along with
the comedy resources mentioned for the Laughter Lounge.
What Do I Do Now?
Very simple question.
Very simple answer.

First, find out if your local hospital
has any kind of laughter program.
If they don't, you're half way

Second, put together a group of
students (or friends) and start fund
raising. Money would be great, but
supplies would be better. There are
bound to be old VCRs and
videotapes available, and people
always have extra humorous books.
Also check with your local
newspaper to see if they will
donate comic sections.

Third, arrange for staffing the
Lounge or Cart. Depending on your
situation, this could be done by
students, or it could be a great
way to get the entire school
community (teachers and parents)

Fourth, let the world know about
your success (and let us know, also.)