Welcome to the World of Nerdo the Mathnificant

Nerdo the Mathnificant practices Good Math Magic, but
unfortunately also practices Bad Math Humor. Through the use
of mathematical tricks and bad math jokes, Nerdo helps students
break through the wall of boring math into the world of Y.  In
presenting a mathematical trick to students, Nerdo provides the
students to motivation to ask Y, because everyone wants to know
how a mathemagical trick works. This concept opens the door for
students to learning basic number sense concepts all the way
through algebra.

On the right is a list pdf files explaining some of Nerdo's tricks.
Since each of Nerdo's shows are different, you may not find all
the tricks you experienced live. However, feel free to use any of
the tricks listed in your classroom, but please don't pass them on
to anyone else because that would be a really cruel trick.

Finally remember,
"Old Math Teachers Never Die, They Just Lose Their Function."
Nerdo the Mathnificant
is part of the concept
that teaching is too
important to take

To find out more
about these ideas
and the Five Fingers
of Laughter,
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