We need to get back to the reasons that we got into teaching.
We need to get back our passion for teaching. Most importantly
we need to get back the

Through the use of the FIVE FINGERS OF LAUGHTER, I will
show you how to bring laughter into your classroom and your life,
and most importantly why you need to do it. Not only is laughter
good for you, but it is good for your students.

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Why We Must Laugh
Each of us have a story that if told, would move us to tears.
Some people will say it is because of those stories,
that we don't have the ability to laugh.
But in reality it is because of those stories that
We Must Laugh.

     We can't stop laughing because of our tragedies and stories that we     
    all have. Instead we must laugh because of them. Laughter is what will   
      help get us through those stories. It is a part of who we are and we if
we lose it, we have lost part of ourselves.

Jim Valvano was coach of the North Carolina State Wolfpack when they won
the 1983 NCAA basketball tournament. However, what he may be known
most for is a speech he gave a few months before he died from cancer. At
a national award show, he gave a speech which is commonly known as the
Never Give Up speech. While that speech has became the theme for cancer
fundraising and research over the years, there is one section that we need
to remember in our search for laughter.

To me there are three things everyone should do everyday
Number one is to laugh
Number two is to spend some time in thought
Number three you should have your emotions move you to tears
If you laugh, think and cry, then that;s been one heck of a day

From experience as a teacher for the last twenty years, I know we do a lot
of thinking. Whether it is thinking about our plans for the coming week or
thinking about why we got into teaching.I also know we cry a lot, too. Maybe
not visible tears, but there are more ways to cry than with tears.
We need to finish complete the challenge of the quote and start laughing.

Join me by bringing laughter back into our lives!
The book version of
Teaching Is Too Important to Take Seriously
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Scott Endres is an award winning teacher and
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teachers from coast to coast. You can bring his
dynamic presentation, and unique perspective on
education to your school. Through his seminars,
half day and full day workshops on how and why
we need to bring laughter back into education, you
will recapture the reason you became a teacher.
None of us got into the education to be miserable,
so contact Scott and find out how to turn your
attitude around.

You are guaranteed to think a little, cry a little
and laugh a lot!

Scott Endres
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"Scott comes from where we are and knows us"     
                                               Betty Moore, KY

"This workshop was listed under “vision” and Scott has it."
                                               Martha Wingate
                                               Principal, NH

"I learned to look for laughter in everyday life"    
                                               Kim Lockard, KY

"This is exactly what we need in education."         
                                               Angela Leibert, IN

"Scott put on the best presentation I have seen"     
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"I can't wait to use some of the ideas to captivate my students
like Scott captivated me!"               
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ideas. This book will help a lot of
                                                              Don Baird, CA

"My favorite part is the Emergency Laughter List handout. It helps
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                                               Karen Coultas, KY   

"I liked being reminded to laugh and feeling like it is okay to do
so. We don't have to be so serious."  
                                               Teacher, KY

"I now know Laughter makes everything better."      
                                               Teacher, KY

"I am able to keep my sense of humor around campus, and not be
so serious. You gave me permission to be myself."
                                               Principal, TX NAESP

"Truly funny from beginning to end. Scott provided an
invigorating workshop which provided easy ideas to start
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